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How to Engage Physicians Without Using A Taser

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Interview on Physician Documentation

Wiser Wednesdsay - Experience Speaks: John Zelem, MD, FACS and Joe Crea, DO
Wiser Wednesday - Experience Speaks

Interview on Utilization Management 360

Utilization Management 360 Presentation

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There will be more presentations in the future. If you want to attend email me and I will be sure to send an invite when scheduled. EMAIL


I recently attended this webinar about Utilization Management 360 – Breaking down the silos and found the concept and the value proposition presented in that webinar to be extremely important for all hospitals and health systems. One destructive phenomenon that we notice in the healthcare industry is that the bigger an organization gets the more siloed its different departments become. This usually brings about negative consequences and outcomes. Utilization Management 360 focuses on removing the silos between the different entities involved in the revenue cycle. In doing so, Utilization Management 360 can increase revenue for the Health System, improve quality of care and physician documentation, ensure accurate and optimized coding, create collaboration between the different departments involved and much more. If successfully implemented UM 360 can without a doubt create tremendous value for a healthcare organization and improve patient outcomes. Also thank you for always supporting the importance of the physician advisor. - Samar Dekko, M.D. -

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