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Join us for this all day remote Seminar


          Why do you need to attend?

  •            Learn Process Improvement for your Clinical Revenue Cycle
  •            How is Cash an Outcome, not a Goal
  •            How to Achieve Documentation Improvement for Excellence
  •            Utilization  Review and Case Management - together or apart
  •            Managing Payer Denials

Register here for this Seminar to learn about Clinical Revenue Cycle (CRC) as it is seldom mentioned and under-reported, but needs to be recognized for its importance as a major revenue driver for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)!

Full Day - $350

Register before 8.15.21 Price Reduced to $250

Seminar will be recorded and slides will be available to registrants

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John Zelem

John Zelem, M.D.

President and Owner

Streamline Solutions Consulting, Inc

Speakers and Topics

Jim Zelem, Leadership, Teamwork & Process Improvement Coach

Process Improvement, Optimizing Your Assets


  • Attack the problem; not the symptom
  • Focus on the Process for best results
  • Understand the value of the team empowerment
  • Use KPIs (dashboard) to monitor the engine


Tiffany Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer at Phoenix Medical Management, Inc

Utilization Review & Care Management: How do they stay connected while they grow a part? 


  • Reframe the role of UR and Care Coordination/Care Management
  • Evaluate current trends of URS moving remote and care management moving across the continuum into value-based care
  • Understand the benefits of each and how to leverage each other’s expertise


Glenn Krauss, Creator and Founder of Core- CDI and Co-Founder of Top Gun Audit School

CDI- A Multidisciplinary Approach to Achieving Clinical Documentation Excellence with Sustainable Performance 


  • The medical record as a communication tool
  • Best practice standards and principles of documentation
  • Fundamentals of documentation process improvement-working with a multidisciplinary team
  • Multidisciplinary approach to CDI-Breaking Down Silos - The specifics


Robin Sewell CCS CDIP CPC CIC CHTS-PW, Recovery Audit Consultant 

I’m In Denial: Effectively Managing Payer Denials and Downgrades


  • Explanation and understanding of different types of denials
  • An in-depth review of clinical validation and coding denials and downgrades
  • Implementing a rockstar workflow for your Denials Management Program
  • Prevent further denials by leveraging insight from actionable data insights


Ryan O'Hara, Vice President Operations at Currency

Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle: Cash as an outcome vs. a goal 


  • Challenge the current gross:net:cash metric that health systems are married to; and how that system never allows for REAL process improvement
  • Right clinical outcome….. Accurate MR…..Get paid…..
  • Quit trying to get more money, and instead focus on getting the appropriate amount of money.  Which starts by defining what appropriate is.
  • Revenue Cycle and Clinicians as partners is the key
    • Mutual trust
    • Shared communication
    • Shared “why?”
  • Acceptance of the burden of documentation and who that record belongs to…


Brian Cui, Speaker, Podcaster, and Video Creator for the HIM, CDI, and Medical Coding Community

Building CDI and Medical Coding Relationships 


  • The GAP between CDI specialists and medical coders
    • Best practices on minimizing the GAP and build relationships
  • Breaking down the walls
  • Conflict Resolution, Effective communication
  • Education, Engagement, Expanding your data

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