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              This Manual is not intended to be a complete education for Physician Advisors. There are many other areas that will need further education. If you are interested in personalized or group training or further questions or any education please reach out to:

 John Zelem, M.D.


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The Process of Becoming Successful
The Process of Becoming Successful


Becoming successful is not an overnight miracle; it is a process just like learning how to walk was a process. A process is a series of events that lead to a desired outcome and here the outcome is being successful. The author will take the reader through a story of a five year old boy who wants to become a professional golfer and eventually win the Masters. See how he handles the challenges of the journey with the help of a mentor. The book is summarized at the end with principles that you, the reader, can apply to your own pathway, your process to success, blended with your passion.

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Stepping Stones of Leadership



Leadership is like parenting as there isn’t an actual manual on it. Becoming an effective leader is a process. You learn and get better as you gain more experience. Experience is an excellent teacher. There are many books and seminars on this topic because it is such a fluid topic. Most book, seminar, webcast, etc. out there is by a well-known person that was an effective leader. Their teachings are based on their experiences. Plus, many of these are directed to large organizations.Well, the “Stepping Stones of Leadership” were written by an average person.

This book is based on the author’s experiences and what he believed to be the foundation of leadership throughout his 25+ years of becoming an effective leader. Looking back, believing he transitioned from being more of a boss to a leader. This book is for both the experienced leader and a person just entering into the position. Too often, people are thrown into leadership roles based on their performance with little knowledge of being an effective leader. There is a “stepping stone” dedicated to the basic things a new leader should know. The book is full of examples and actual stories to support each topic.

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Table of Contents


Fact vs. Opinion

The Stages of Grief and Acceptance

Focus on What You Want

Victim vs. Victor

Six Principles

Learning From the Sick

Finding God in SIckness


This book is designed to help patients and families deal with chronic and terminal diseases. In this book you will read about personal experiences with actual patients and their stories. You will find how to take responsibility for your own happiness, how to be a “Victor” and not a “Victim”. This is about quality of life, not quantity of life, although the human body is capable of many more actions beyond out imagination. People take everything they hear as fact, including what they might read on the internet, but one must remember that much of it is an “opinion”.

Most of us do not understand the stages of grief and acceptance that have been well described and are mentioned in this book as it’s not where we start, it is where we finish. How will you, your family and friends focus on what you want and not deal with it alone?

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