Physician Advisory Services

Physician Advisory Services

The use of Physician Advisors has been increasing exponentially over the past years. Streamline Solutions Consulting, Inc. understands the history, development, utilization of the Physician Advisor role for more than just chart reviews for Level of Care Determinations, and can:

  • Analyze your present program for compliance, standardization, and accountability
  • Ensuring that existing and new program Physician Advisors integrate with UR/Case Management, your physicians, and your leadership
  • Through gap analysis techniques evaluate for efficiencies
  • Help “break down silos” that may exist linking Utilization Review, Case Management, and CDI in a holistic manner
  • Improving physician documentation
  • Help to develop and customize new programs for your individual needs unique to your culture and community
  • Assist in hiring and training competent Physician Advisors for new programs through a unique onsite training presence and mentoring afterwards

Streamline Solutions Consulting, Inc. is well positioned to help you establish a high quality program through these qualifications:

  • 14 years of overall Physician Advisor experience
  • 5 plus years of designing and building onsite Physician Advisor programs
  • Involved in the interviewing hiring of over 20 Physician Advisors
  • Implemented and provided onsite training for 14 Physician Advisors
    • Assisted with PA integration with
      • Case Management, Utilization Review
      • Facility physicians
      • Executive level
  • Managed and mentored a team of 14 Physician Advisors

Helped set up a program of measurable metrics to hold Physician Advisors accountable