Fix-it: Revenue Cycle Repair Services

Repairing any of the moving parts of your revenue cycle is John's specialty.  He will analyze your present program for cross-functionality, knowledge-sharing, and integrated responsibilities. He will tackle documentation that is common to all components to make sure the medical necessity is present and for justification and proof that medically necessary services were provided.

In particular, he can help you with your clinical revenue cycle (CRC). Here are just a few of the revenue cycle and clinical revenue cycle problems he can fix:

  • Revenue cycle management (RCM) programs so that everyone becomes more aware where CRC resides in RCM and its significant effect on sustainable revenue
  • Broken communication bridges with finance, compliance, business operations and technology
  • Inconsistent reporting structure among UR, case management, CDI, the physician advisors and coders
  • Bottlenecks and constraints that are preventing your clinical revenue cycle teams from having a smooth, efficient, collaborative process through team empowerment

Have a problem with your revenue cycle or your clinical revenue cycle, contact Dr. Fix-It, Dr. John Zelem.