Fix-It: Physician Advisory Repair Services

The role of physician advisors should be more than level of care recommendations and chart reviews. But too often physicians are placed in this role with little regulatory administrative background or experience.  And that’s when problems arise. And when they do, fix them. Contact Dr. Fix-It aka Dr. John Zelem. As a former physician advisor, he can:

  • Analyze your present program for compliance, standardization, and accountability
  • Ensure that existing current physician advisors integrate with UR/Case Management, other physicians, and your leadership
  • Through gap analysis techniques evaluate for efficiencies
  • Help manage silos that may exist linking Utilization Review, Case Management, and CDI in a holistic manner
  • Improve physician documentation
  • Help to develop and customize new programs for your individual needs unique to your culture and community
  • Assist in hiring and training competent physician advisors for new programs through training presence and mentoring
  • When your utilization review and management teams need fixing, contact Dr. Fix-It, Dr. John Zelem.

When your physician advisory program needs fixing, contact Dr. Fix-It. Dr. John Zelem.