Fix-it: Case Management Repair Services

Case Management repairs often include fixing readmission programs as well as trouble-shooting discharge planning issues.  Too often, too many opinions within case management hinder real process improvement. He can fix that. Working in conjunction with case management experts, here are just a few of the problems he can fix at your facility or practice:

  • Determining where time is being wasted
  • Evaluating team members’ performance. Are they operating at the top of their license?
  • Is there enough support staff?
  • Problems with care transition and the progression of care
  • Difficulty understanding the components of value-based purchasing
  • Help with risk-assessment
  • Are services being provided that can be set up in alternative settings
  • Readmission reduction programs
  • Reduce mortality rates
  • Discharge planning

When your case management needs fixing, contact Dr. Fix-It. Dr. John Zelem.