Revenue Integrity, Silo or Solution?

It seems that there is now a relatively new concept or program that has come into play in healthcare and it is called “Revenue Integrity” (RI). Is it another silo or is it a solution for clinical revenue cycle? According to an HFMA Survey of 125 hospital and health system CFOs and revenue executives, only 44 percent of respondents say their organizations have established revenue integrity programs.

Team Empowerment – The Solution in Hospital Revenue Cycle

Team empowerment is the essential ingredient to the success of any initiative, but it cannot be engaged without thoughtful processes. Teams are composed of individuals with unique skills, personalities, backgrounds, and drive. Utilizing the ingredients provide here will help provide the cement, the glue, the structure to maintain an holistic approach where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Breaking Down Silos to Increase Revenue:

Hospital revenue is declining. What kind of changes does Revenue Cycle Management need to make? What is the solution? The real question to ask is how much pain needs to be endured for RCM to be motivated to change and not just use temporary patches. What will be the precipitating factor that will cause RCM to make some changes now before significant pain. The solution is “Utilization Management 360®”