Meet John


John Zelem, MD, FACS is principal owner and chief executive officer of Streamline Solutions Consulting, Inc. The company provides technology-enabled, expert physician advisor services.

Dr. Zelem is focused on managing Medicare and Medicaid regulatory compliance, minimizing inappropriate medical necessity denials and achieving appropriate lengths of stay in acute care hospitals and health systems.

A Board-certified general surgeon with more than 26 years of clinical experience, Dr. Zelem managed quality assessment and improvement as a former executive medical director in the past. In addition, Dr. Zelem practiced general surgery for more than 25 years and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has served on numerous governing boards and committees and is a renowned industry author.

Dr. Zelem’s career is the perfect example of the concept holism; each part has affected the whole, but no part was more important than the whole of his career. Everything that he has learned and accomplished has led to the progress of the next stage. Not every step was positive, but every step contributed positively.

It started with more than 26 years of clinical practice in general surgery. Yet, it wasn’t just about performing surgery. It involved learning and mastering other skills, such as teaching, training corporate sales staff, product development, providing presentations especially in the motivational speaking arena, gaining people skills, learning and mentoring new surgical procedures around the world, becoming a noted author, and management and leadership principles.

John then made a transition from the clinical side to healthcare executive leadership for the next 15 years. He developed expertise in compliance, contracts and regulations, utilization review, case management, client relations, and physician education. At one point he was responsible for helping clients with new and existing utilization management programs to improve their processes positively affecting revenue cycle while maintaining compliant practices . He was responsible for the development and improvement of existing and newly formed physician advisor programs, with continued mentoring, management, and education.

There are two words that highlight the holistic approach taken:

  • Standardization
  • Accountability

Without these, sustainability may be challenged.

Dr. Zelem can help you take your organization to the next level. Schedule your free consultation to determine what defines your success.


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